Dear friends! 

Many of you, of course, were dreaming to visit Karelia!? And there are regular discussions among friends about trip to Karelia?

So what is left…To Pack Your Bags!!!

Where to travel? And most important to WHOME?

Our family that lives in remote Farmstead warmly welcome you!

We are Victor and Olga. Our sons Nikita, Ivan and Egor; and our nephew Alexey.

We will be happy to introduce to you nature and landscapes of North Karelia and village ways of living. Mushroom and berry picking, fishing and fresh air- all of this is available in unlimited amounts!

Our Farmstead is called Kormilo. We are situated by the lake Kormilo, which is 45 km to North form Kostomuksha city and 6 km to South from Voknavlok.

On the Framstead is available the only museum of samovars in whole Karelia, over 250 different types. In addition, you can find interesting collection of Roman balances.

You will get acquainted with rare horse breeds (like”Tinker”), Samoyed sled, Romanovsky sheep and will see exotic species of pheasants.

In the middle of the lake on the small island, there is orthodox chapel. In summer time, you can reach it by boat and, in winter, you can easily walk to it.